Off The Blocks Swimming Podcast

Off The Blocks with Flynn Southam Ep 4

February 18, 2022

Season 5 Episode 4, we chat to Aussie young gun and record breaker from Bond University Flynn Southam.

In this podcast we discuss Flynn's, success in the pool at such a young age and goals he and his coaches Kyle Samuelson and Chris Mooney have for the next few years and beyond.

We also discuss his coaches influence on his swimming so far particularly Kyle, and what he has learnt since Olympic Gold medal winning coach Chris Mooney has come to Bond.

We discuss the ups and downs, and difficult periods he went through particularly during Covid lockdown in 2020. Flynn opens up and gives us an insight into how he was thinking during this time, and what strategies he employed to bring himself back out of them.

We talk race plans as well as areas of his racing Flynn feels he can still improve a lot.

And we talk about his mentor program MAD, how it started and why he loves it so much.

To find out more about MAD please head to


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