Off The Blocks Swimming Podcast

Off The Blocks with Chris Mooney Ep 2

December 10, 2021

Season 5 Ep 2, We chat with new Bond Head Coach and 2 time Olympic coach for Australia Chris Mooney.

In this podcast we discuss the big move down south to Bond University following what was an amazing 2020 Tokyo Olympic experience. What brought the move about, and what excited him about the future down on the Gold Coast.

We of course get stuck into the Tokyo Olympic experience including Kaylee McKeown's phenomenal performances, rooming with Dean Boxall and the tremendous Australian Team Culture at the moment.

Chris gives us some great insights into different training philosophies around rest and recovery, programming and planning and what he learned during the covid break in 2020.

We also discuss our personal connection outside of the swimming world, how that came about and what they taught both of us about work life balance and what's really important.

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